5 Underrated Beatles Songs

The Beatles have been unarguably the most influential band of all time. And I’ve been a fan ever since one day long ago, Come Together blared out of the car radio and kissed my young impressionable ears.

While I do enjoy their many hits, I think they were robbed on a lot of songs. So here’s  5 underrated Beatles songs.(Please note this is all based on opinion, and not based on whats popular in the Beatles community!)

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5. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

This song is like a 4 for 1 deal. But despite this it all rolls together really well to an amazing yet catchy song. Even just writing the title I almost couldn’t help my fingers from typing up Bang! Bang! Shoot! Shoot!  This song is impossible not to sing along to, and its surprising that not everyone has gotten it stuck in there heads at least once!

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4. Dig A Pony

This song is such a cool song. And that’s really the only word to describe it, ‘cool’. It sounds like how I’d imagine smoking a joint at a classy dimly lit 60’s dinner party. If that makes any sense. Its smooth with rough edges, and just the embodiment of groove.

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3. Martha My Dear

Initially thought of as a love song to Paul McCartney’s  new ex-fiance, he quickly cleared the air and pointed the spotlight towards his true muse- Martha the dog. It’s Paul’s relatable love for his old English Sheepdog that makes this song so endearing. Its a short, simple and sweet song that lyrics prove poetic and touching; regardless of it being for Martha the dog!

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2. Your Mother Should Know

Who could forget the iconic scene with John smiling a wide maniac like smile and George looking as if he hated life as the four cascaded down a Grand staircase in matching white suits. Magical Mystery Tour seems to be the songs prime time, as no one can seem to remember the song which was overshadowed by the other hits featured in the film. The song itself is catchy with a nostalgic tune, and definitely worth a repeat.

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1.Rocky Raccoon

Personally, this is one of my favorite Beatles songs. The tune reminds me of a sad western or a Jim Croce song. The lyrics are about a man named Rocky, who’s chick, Nancy, got snatched from him and now he wants to fight the man, Dan. Dan shoots Rocky, which sends him to the hospital where the drunk doctor tells Rocky Raccoon he’s a goner without even attempting to save his life. Rocky tells the doctor he’s going to live, and in the end he does live to brawl out the rest of his days. This is a rich and interesting story told in very few words that still manage to stir up vivid images. There’s clever play on words that add well to the old Western feel, as the songs melancholy tune helps add to the feeling of Rocky’s harsh life.

So these are my five underrated Beatles songs! Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!


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