Bangs, Bangs, Bangs: 8 Fringe Inspirations

I have made the brave decision to get bangs- I know, I know. Save your ‘dont do it’s!’ and “You’ll regret them’s’, or ‘You’re scared for me’s’, I’ve heard them all but I still have my eye on my bang-y prize. So why would I risk my safe medium length plain style to have a chance at maybe looking like a greasy kindergartener? Because I love bangs! They look so feminine and badass! They have the power to make a gal look stylish in a simple t-shirt and jeans and say that the wearer walks to a beat of her own drum and isn’t afraid to take risks.

So I thought in honor of my momentous decision (really though, they’ll grow out in a month tops). I thought I’d share with you guys some of my personal bangsperation.

Suki Waterhouse

Image result for suki waterhousebangs

I thought I should start out with the my only modern inspiration, since most of my bang goals come from the 60s-70s. Suki Waterhouse is a British actress, model, and singer. Though I wont be going as blunt as her thick fringe, Its nice to set goals.

Jean Shrimpton

Image result for jean shrimpton

Her long wispy bangs are perfect for beginners like myself, and when I first sit in my hairdressers seat i’ll be asking for the Shrimpton! This look is timeless and the long strands make it easy to pin back for days you dont want to style and easy to grow out if you find bangs just arent for you!

Jane Asher

Image result for jane asher 1960s

Mostly known for being Beatle Paul McCartney’s ex wife, but when I hear the name Jane Asher, I cant help but be reminded of her shock of red hair.  Her beautiful ginger color compliments her bangs perfectly!

Bridget Bardot

Image result for bridget bardot bangs

It’d be a crime to make an article about bangs and not include Bridgette Bardot’s blunt fringe.

Patti Boyd


I think Patti’s everyone’s bang inspiration, and shes been a fan of the look for a very long time! Even in her older age she’s looking like a dream in her iconic bangs, proving that anyone of any age can kill it in fringe!


Farrah Fawcett 

Image result for farrah fawcettImage result for farrah fawcett bangs

I couldnt help but add the slicked down version of Farrah’s Bangs. Dont get me wrong, she rocked both! And I’m just drooling over the amount of hair she has, she really earned her place as a beauty icon!

Kelly Emberg

Image result for kelly emberg bangs

Kelly Emberg’s choppy do’ is goals. It reminds me of a beach bunny or a rocker chick. I love the messy and seemingly effortless look of this timeless bang!

Nancy Sinatra


Though not as blunt or straight across as the previous gals on this list, I’ve always admired a good side swept! This look could really be worked off in modern times, would be a stylish choice for any girl!



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