5 favorite Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks

I’ve been an avid fan of Jeffree Star for awhile now. And who wouldnt be? His style is uniquely his, his cheek bones looked carved by Michelangelo himself, and his makeup looks beat my the gods!

So when he first unleashed his brand of Liquid matte lipstick I was starstruck. I know own a couple and they tend to be some of my favorites due to their unique colors, packaging, and quality!

1. Unicorn Blood

Image result for unicorn blood

When the lipsticks were first release, along with practically everyone else, I was in awe of Unicorn Blood! I remember it rarely being in stock during the first months of its release. It took me a couple of years to pick one up, but when I did- whooo boy was I glad! Its a dark, rusty brown, that does resemble blood. My olive skin tone brightens this lip a little so it doesnt look too dark on me, which I love. But if you’re someone who is more pale this lip color would definitely look a lot darker. Regardless its a beautiful color, that is perfect for any style!

2. Posh Spice

Image result for posh spice jeffree star

Posh Spice is the perfect gray lipstick in my opinion. This look is a fun color that you can feel comfortable in without feeling like you’re sticking out too much (if that’s your thing!) Its the perfect shade to have fun bold eye shadow and a neutral lip. If you love Anastasia’s shade Sepia, but wish it were lighter- this is the perfect shade!

3. Leo

Image result for leo jeffree star

The perfect brown, this shade is a milk chocolaty color that’s what i like to call a ‘neutral bold’. People will definitely be noticing it, but it wont be turning heads in shock like it would if you were wearing a bright blue shade! I love this color so much it accompanied my friend and I  to our Sophomore Snowball!

4. Celebrity Skin

Image result for jeffree star celebrity skin

This is  a nice neutral nude shade that wont make it look like you have no lips.  This is one of my favorite lip shades to wear if im not feeling like doing anything too crazy.  I love wearing this shade paired up with my Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette!

5. Androgyny 

Image result for androgyny jeffree star

A real crowd pleaser, this shade was such a hit Jeffree made an eye shadow palette named after it! I love the  burgundy color and think its a perfect shade for when you want to ditch the nudes but dont want to cause quite the commotion as something as bold as Unicorn Blood or Breakfast At Tiffany’s.


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