I finally got bangs!

In 8th grade I remember thinking about wanting straight bangs. I shared this to my friend when on a field trip in our states capitol when a beautiful banged woman strolled past our group. Like most 12 or 13 year old’s my peers opinions were law to me.

“Yeah, I cant really see you with bangs.” She said. I remember being a little offended, but to not look stupid i was just like, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Its not that you wouldnt look GOOD with them,” She said, trying to nurse whatever wound i got from shattered bang dream. “It’s just that bangs are kind of for little kids and old people.”

So my bang fantasy was abandoned. Hair came and go, the regrettable side bangs i had no knowledge of styling, the accidental bob- you get the idea. And suddenly i got bang fever again- and hard. This time I got similar responses- bangs were for greasy kindergartners and nostalgic old women. But i disagree! Look at all the modern fashion bloggers and celebrities rocking the bang!

I sat on the idea for months, debated with myself and others on the topic, did crazy ‘fake bang’ hairstyles in my bathroom, and I even cut up a set of old brown hair extensions- you get the idea. Until finally one day, I called up a hair salon.

Ignoring the whole county screaming ‘no!’ I declared I wanted an appointment to trim my bangs, ASAP! I dove for the soonest available appointment that was after school.

I vowed not to tell anyone to reduce the chances of someone talking me out of it, my original plan was just to show up at school with my fringe and just go on business per usual. But i gave up on that idea the day off and spilled the beans to my 3 best friends.

“Theres still time to back out, if you want to.” They warned me. But it really was too late, Teresa was counting on me to be in her chair at 3:30 sharp, and I would be damned if I let her down.

I actually got there early, which was alright since they accepted walk ins. Teresa was a talkative woman, who seemed to know what she was doing, but still I told her, “Im so scared LOL”. The look on her face told me this was a bad move.

“If you arent positive you want this then get out of my chair.” She told me, peering at me from over her glasses.

O.k Teresa, your message was delivered. If i was going to get bangs, i had to do this and ihad to do it without any hand holding or tender words.

After convincing her that i had sat on this for months, she went to snipping.

The bangs were done, but due to my thick hair were a bit fuller than i intended: but they looked great none the less!

To get the full effect I slapped on some winged eyeliner and eyeshadow when i got home (also killing my 6 day streak of no make up) and was blown away.

Over all, im not like “Why didnt i do this sooner?”. I liked my unbanged hair just fine,we had a good run. But these bangs are pretty hard to beat!

At school a lot of girls confided in me that they wish they could pull of something as extreme as bangs. And I told each and every one of them the truth- they can! Bangs are a flattering hairstyle for most any girl and style.

This experience taught me that I need to stop worrying about how people think i should look. Most people dont like change until its done and over with and they get to see it with their own eyes! So in the end we should express ourselves through our style in a way that makes us happy and confident, who cares if everyone I knew was telling me not to get bangs? Now they love them almost as much as I do!


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