All Things Must ‘Print’: Screen Printing George Harrison shirts

My art teacher is a huge Beatles fan, and I mean huge. So when I was screenprinting my simple George Harrison design in his screen printing class, he decided to show me his brothers print- which made my print look really lame in comparison

(My print before I printed it)

(My art teachers brother’s, printed on paper)
He told me it was a design he’d print onto shirts for Beatlefest in the 70s, and that I could print a shirt if i wanted.

Although it took me a month or two to take him up on his offer, I finally rounded up my best friend Liv and got to the art room after school.

He set us up, and then got out of there because he had golf practice, leaving Liv and I there. We were sidetracked by the amount of food he had in the back room, and after snagging a couple snickers we set to work.

We had 0 idea where anything was, but ended finding everything but a spatula. But we ended up just using a palette scraper.

I’ll save you the boring details like how we had to screw on the screen with the design and stuff, but the print for some reason had this weird pink line going around it.

So we had to tape that up so the ink wouldn’t get through, (the blue and purple is ink!)

Next, as seen in the first picture we had to take a squeejee, and if you don’t know what that is it’s this:

I didn’t take a picture of it but luckily I have google!

After swiping that over the ink onto the shirt, we had our print!

And despite not knowing who George Harrison is, besides that one time she compared him to her big toe:

Liv insisted I make her an ombré shirt- and since she helped me, I popped one out for her.


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