What’s it about Vintage Style?

I remember spending the night a while ago at my friends house, and her brother also had a friend spending the night too. In the morning while I was chowing down on a bowl of Captain Crunch, I noticed that the friend was dressed in black slacks and a button up shirt- something very atypical of a middle school boy. My other friend asked why he was dressed up so nice, and the boy said thats how he always dressed. And his friend, who was dressed in Nike basketball shirts and an Under Armour T shirt, told us he liked to dress like he was in the 50s!

Image result for 50s man and women

Though this boy is unique in the vintage community, as younger people like to dress up in a way that’ll make them blend in with their peers, they are a growing number! More young people are dressing up decades behind their time- some being even before their own parents or grandparents!

The vintage community is growing, and a lot of young people are putting down the body hugging choker dresses and thigh high boots for the baby doll dresses of the 60s, tea dresses of the 50s, bell bottoms of the 70s, etc!

Image result for 70s girls

Some people just dip a toe into the  fashion world of the past by giving off retro vibes or including a piece of two of vintage or vintage inspired clothing/accessories into their outfits for a cool and retro affect without looking like someone who just stepped out of a time machine! But some others due prefer to look as if they are a time traveler! SO many are discovering the fashion of the past and opting for it! Its all about discovering your unique style, and for some people the past holds just that!

Image result for 60s girls

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to ditch the fashion of the modern world for the conservative looking fashion of the past?” And you are entirely wrong! Yes, it is a bit difficult to make a non conservative look while being vintage 50’s and below, but you’ll find theres many provocative, skin showing options of the 60s and above! But even if you do lean on the more conservative style, then each decade definitely has something for you!

You can stick to a decade or jump from decade to decade, what matters is that you’re defining your own personal style and wearing clothes that you feel slylish and comfortable in!

Image result for nancy sinatra mini skirt

Personally, im in the community because i love the style of the 60s and 70s. Though i do venture out into the 80’s, 90s, and 50s. I’ve always enjoyed the movies, music and tv shows from these eras, so it only makes sense that the fashion would imprint on me as well! It took some bravery to step out of the norm, especially due to the fact that I go to a small conservative school in the middle of nowhere where people are so used to the ordinary, it makes even wearing a bold lippie a daunting idea! But I just remind myself its better to be myself than force myself to conform to the basic t shirts or camo sweatshirts that i really am not a fan of. To me its about defining my own personal style and letting the old soul in me out!



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