Back to the gypsy: My experience getting my Palms read. Is it real?

My town usually has a river fest every year that features a car show, canoe races, greasy carnival food, barely above regulation rides- you get the gist. For my age group, which is the highschool to college demographic, the tap dancing group of seniors and pretzel dip booths lead little to be desired. But due to living in a small area its something to do, so like most years i decided i had nothing better to do and went. This was 2016, and i was 15 at the time. I expected this years set up to be just as uneventful as the last, before i stumbled across a palm reading booth.

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This being something i’ve always wanted to do, the hefty price of $7.50 for 5 minutes only made me slightly hesitant as i wasnt convinced on the authenticy, so i let my friend go first. The palm reader studied her hands before setting the timer.

She instantly began to reveal intimate details about my friends personality. But i was really convinced when she told her that my friend could get along fine without people- that she was a leader and didnt need to be surrounded by people all the time. Something my friend the night before at just revealed to me when we were having a ‘deep’ talk.

I was ready for my turn! She told me my hand was a mix of the four elements, but predominantly water and air. She revealed that i was artistic and good with literature. She even knew about my struggling family life! But even with these revelations, i was still iffy about believing what she told me about my future. That i’d have a successful career, and have many victories throughout my life. Specifically 20s and then my 40s.  I was sure this was a real experience, but those i shared my story with were skeptical. They said that perhaps it was the clothes i was wearing that gave off some clues to my personality- and that she gave promises of good fortune to everyone, it was her job!

So this year when i saw her again at the festival i decided to give her a test.

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I opted for a 15 minute session. I didnt tell her that this was my second time using her services, and there was no way she could have recognized me. When i first came to her I had long dark brown almost black hair- which is my natural hair color. But throughout the year i cut my hair almost to my chin and it was now just brushing my chest. My hair was also dyed a dominantly blond ombre, and i had bangs. Drastic changes that made it hard for those that have known me all my life to recognize me, so there was no way that this stranger could know who i was. Especially since she saw many people.

I was shocked when she told me the exact same things as the year before, but due to the extended appointment she was able to tell more.

Many small victories in my 20s with a literature job, that lead to a major victory in my late 20s-30s and another major victory in my 40s and another in my late fifties. Again she said things about my family life that only a close friend would know, and she said very spot on things about my personality. What shocked me the most is when she told me that i was or had been a successful athlete-Which i was on varsity volleyball in 8th grade and a starter for most sports i did in elementary and middle school- something not a whole lot people know! She was very intrigued with my palm, which was really flattering! When the timer beeped she went over a good 5 minutes! I was bought she was legit, and so did my friend, Hailey that i went with that year.

Hailey also received a palm reading and again this woman got her personality spot on. She pointed out her headstrong and stubborn personality along with other things that were intimate. She predicted that she’d have 2 major victories in her life and that she’d put in charge of something in her twenties.

Overall the reading put me at some ease with my future and at the direction i was taking, something i’d felt extremely uneasy about for awhile. My friend and i both felt exhilarated afterwards, but the palm reading itself was both exciting and relaxing. It was well worth the seemingly high price tag, but honestly a sound mind is worth far more!

So was it real? I sure think so! As did both of my friends that got it done and those that listened on!

This whole experienced has inspired me to take the plunge into learning the art of palm reading! But im sure more updates are to come of my journey with that!


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