This weeks Hidden Gems: Ted Hawkins,Vashti Bunyan, The Buttertones

Every week i research and listen to 3 bands all for the purpose of keeping your playlist fresh and exciting! This weeks line up features meaningful lyrics, mostly mellow tunes and as always, great music!

Ted Hawkins

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Unfortunately Ted died in ’95, but his music lives on! His music genre is blues, and will make you cry to or sing along! His lyrics are like most blue’s, deep and meaningful. My favorite song by him is ‘Im Sorry You’re Sick’ , which is a depressing song about a man’s wife sick and on the verge of dying. Like most of his music, its a sweet and beautiful yet sad song!

What to start with: Im Sorry You’re Sick, Watch You’re Step, Cold and Bitter Tears

Vashti Bunyan

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Releasing her first album in 1970 which sold very little copies, a discouraged Vashti abandoned her music career until 2000- which was when her album was re-released and received a cult following! And rightfully so, Vahsti’s music is relaxing, mellow and easy going. Shes one of my new favorite folk singers and definitely deserves a listen!

Songs to start with: Train Song, I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind, Diamond Day

The Buttertones


Image result for the buttertones

For my final pick i chose something a bit more upbeat! This band reminds me a bit of the The Killers, but these 5 dudes are crazy talented none the less! Their first album was released in 2013, and they just released an album this March! Their sound is indie-alternative, but it also reminds me of the beach or summer. Their tunes are very relaxing but a lot more upbeat than the previous choices!

Songs to start out with: Orpheus Under the Influence, Tequila Mockingbird, Baby Doll


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