12 Vintage YouTubers!

I waste an ungodly amount of hours on YouTube watching anything and everything. I love a good dose of Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, Shane Dawson, Cayleigh Elise, and everything in between!

But I realized that a lot of the vintage community on YouTube seems to be hidden! So I decided to make a list of some of my favorite vintage YouTubers, to give these beautiful babes the recognition they deserve and you quality YouTube feed!



Image result for zabrena 60s

Though not solely dedicated to vintage, she has a slew of historically accurate makeup tutorials that are perfect for binge watching! she shares fun facts about whichever era she’s doing throughout the video, so you history lovers are sure to love her all the more!


Image result for lifeinredlipstick instagram

First off can we just talk about how gorgeous Abbey is? She has a slew of aesthetically pleasing photos! Anyway, her youtube channel includes vintage inspired look books, vlogs, hair and make up tutorials. She definitely is a dream!


Image result for gabulosis

If you’re like me you love a good conspiracy theory, crime stories, and vintage! The stunning Gabby Velente manages to combine all these into one channel as she retells the crimes and murder mysteries of the past while sharing conspiracy of some of the pasts biggest stars! I love cuddling up in some sweats and pulling up one of Gabby’s videos and i’m sure you will too!

Behind the Bunzie

Image result for jbunzie

Jbunzies other channel, BehindTheBunzie dives into her love of pastel vintage! On this channel she tries out her collected on real vintage makeup, she reads offensive vintage magazines, posts vlogs and everything else in between! All while in cute vintage or vintage inspired outfits!

Beauty In Technicolor

Image result for hailey mariah tuesday

I honestly love the beautiful Hailey’s blog http://beautyintechnicolor.com/ , which is also centered around mainly vintage themes! Her youtube is just as good too, which posts vintage 60’s mainly makeup videos!

Karolina Żebrowska

Image result for karolina żebrowska

History buffs will love Karolina’s fact videos and beauty lovers will just adore her fashion and beauty videos! I cant get enough of her personality and unique closet, shes a gal thats not afraid to be apologetically herself!

The Octopus Ride

Image result for theoctopusride instagram

This groovy chick uploads hauls, makeup and art videos, vlogs and much more! I love her soft and sweet voice and love of vintage! Her taste is very much in the 60’s, one of my favorite decades!

Crimson and Clover

Image result for crimsonandclover_ instagram

This is a babe who has a big love of vintage! Her bubbly personality makes her vintage inspired makeup videos fun and entertaining to watch! And not to mention her gorgeous groovy wardrobe is the perfect accompaniment to her 60s aesthetic!

Freya Haley

Image result for freya Haley

This vegan babe posts vintage hauls and try ons along with what she eats in a day as a vegan! Her closet is to die for, along with her gorgeous long hair! For those of you digging the 70s aesthetic, Freya’s your gal!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Image result for miss rockabilly ruby

The queen of hair and lipsticks, this gal is here to share her best hair styling secretes to keep you’re hair looking beautifully 50s! The stunning Ruby’s videos are both entertaining and interesting to watch! I love them!

Lisa FreemontStreet

Image result for lisa freemont street

Lisa’s truely a chick who loves all things fashion! Her channel features a slew of decades! You’re sure to find her talking about your favorite decades and more! She does everything from chats, makeup and hair tutorials, skin care routines, product reviews, and so, so so much more! I cant get enough of the variety she has!

Aly Art

Image result for aly art twiggy

Aly is the queen at transformations and recreating accurate looks of celebrities! Not to mention she’s a master at makeup- she’s also a fan of vintage! A lot of her videos are centered around vintage themes, though she does have a few modern themes in others. Regardless I love her videos and spot on recreations!



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