things Vegetarians can relate to

  Despite just literally eating more broccoli than the average person, vegetarians seem to receive a lot of flack for just not eating meat. If you eat a little chicken I wont tell anyone. Not to mention the thought of eating a helpless living creature grosses me out. Just pick out the meat.  HOW?! When people suppose you dont get enough protein.   I’d be … Continue reading things Vegetarians can relate to

Daisy Chain Renegades introduction

The three things I’m most thankful for in life are sunsets, peach tea and plea bargains. One saved my life. Or at least the direction it was headed in. A cold small cramped room is no place to watch a decent sunset in, and I’ve never heard stories of Charles Manson sipping peach tea in confinement.  I think these type of things while I rock … Continue reading Daisy Chain Renegades introduction