things Vegetarians can relate to


Despite just literally eating more broccoli than the average person, vegetarians seem to receive a lot of flack for just not eating meat.

If you eat a little chicken I wont tell anyone.

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Not to mention the thought of eating a helpless living creature grosses me out.

Just pick out the meat. 

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When people suppose you dont get enough protein.


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I’d be less concerned about how much protein im getting and more worried about the fact that you eat enough meat to send a grown man into cardiac arrest on the daily.

When people over emphasis how much they enjoy eating meat.

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Or even worse when they start porn star moaning mid meal. *shudder*

The feeling when people claim to love animals while they’re eating meat.

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This one explains itself.

When you go to a restaurant and there’s nothing to eat

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Not even a SALAD??


Speaking of salads…

When people think the only thing you can eat is salad.

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Theres other things to eat besides a dead animal ya know?

That face people make when they find out you’re vegetarian

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Wait, really?

That must suck! hahah

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If it sucked so many people wouldnt be doing it.

I could NEVER do that! I love bacon too much!

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You can do it, actually. Just think about the fact that a pig is smarter than a dog the next time you start craving that greasy slab of carcass

So when are you going to start eating meat again?

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Never! And the animals thank me for it!



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